Giro dei Masi

Tour of the farms

The ‘ masi ‘ tour is a route that winds its way through green meadows and the streets of the village, allowing you to discover Andalo’s masi, some of which have retained their typical characteristics.
The masi are nothing more than a group of houses, the name of which derives from the founder or a particular feature of the locality.

The route is simple, an up and down that can be completed easily in about two hours (even with a pushchair).

Starting from the church, adjacent to the Fovo farmstead, go up the main road (via Paganella) for 3 km and continue along via Bortolon to the Toscana farmstead.
From here you can follow a small road through Le Villette, arriving at Maso Monego, which will allow you to return to via Paganella.

Giro Dei Masi Andalo

Along the route you will find qr-codes telling you the history of each farm, historical anecdotes and special features of the place.
On this route you will have passed the Roni, Casanova, Doss and seen the Melchiori, Clamer and Perli farms from afar.

If you wish from the centre of Andalo you can continue for a further 2.5 km and complete the route, visiting Maso Ghezzi, Cadin and Pegorar.

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